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5.1 Security of High Activity Radioactive Sources in Use and Storage

WINS 27 Mar 2019

This WINS International Best Practice guide focuses on the security of high activity radioactive sources that are used routinely in medicine, industry, agriculture and research.

The guide explains how to manage the risk and how to take a comprehensive approach toward source security by understanding stakeholder responsibilities, identifying and addressing the threat environment, and understanding the potential targets for malicious acts.

The guide also recommends taking a graded approach toward security, providing defence in depth measures, and understanding and implementing the four security objectives (deter, detect, delay, respond). In addition, the guide explains how to develop a security plan and the topics it should address.

Finally, the guide recommends developing a strong security culture and planning for the sources’ end of life.

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5.1 Security of High Activity Radioactive Sources in Use and Storage

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