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5.7 Security of Radioactive Sources Used in Industrial Radiography and Well-Logging Applications

WINS 27 Mar 2019

This WINS International Best Practice Guide explains how to put a comprehensive risk mitigation programme in place for radioactive sources.

It describes some of the risks stemming from how radioactive sources are used in well-logging and industrial radiography and some possible consequences of the malicious use of such sources, including a radiological dispersal device, or ‘dirty bomb’. It also explains the IAEA categories for radioactive sources and some of the characteristics that make sources attractive to adversaries.

In addition, the guide addresses who the adversaries might be (both external and insider) and the roles and responsibilities that international organisations, the State, the regulatory body and licensees have for maintaining radioactive source security.

The guide also explains how organisations can reduce the risk by adopting alternative technologies and by designing an effective security programme that takes a whole-life approach. In addition, it recommends implementing such security principles as taking a graded approach, defence in depth, security by design, and the four security functions: deter, detect, delay and respond.

The guide also explains the crucial role that human resources plays in helping to mitigate the threat and the need for security competency and awareness training. Finally, the guide addresses emergency procedures, the security plan, and how to implement security measures for radioactive sources that are located at base facilities and temporary worksites and that are being transported.

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5.7 Security of Radioactive Sources Used in Industrial Radiography and Well-Logging Applications

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