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Webinar: Gender Diversity – Best Practices and Lessons for Growth Opportunities

WINS 17 Dec 2020

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WINS held a webinar on Gender Diversity - Best Practices and Lessons for Growth Opportunities on 16 December 2020. The objectives of this webinar were to review elements key to radioactive source security as discussed in Part 1 and Part 2 of the series and to share lessons learned for competence-based recruitment, career growth and opportunities, training and certification. The webinar was co-moderated by Rhonda Evans, Lead for the WINS Gender Champions Programme and Ms. Patricia Godoy Kain, an international expert in radioactive source security. Our special guests for the webinar were:

  • Ms.  Lydia Paredes, Universidad Autónoma de México, Mexico
  • Ms.  Maria Victoria Lodesi, Autoridad Reguladora Nuclear (ARN), Argentina
  • Ms.  Mercy Muriithi, Nuclear Regulatory Authority, Kenya

Further information on the webinar can be found here.


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