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Webinar: Insider Threat Mitigation in the Aviation Sector

WINS 08 May 2020

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WINS held a webinar on Insider Threat Mitigation in the Aviation Sector on 05 May 2020. The purpose of the webinar was to share some findings of the major benchmarking research project WINS conducted over the past two years comparing the evolution of and future security challenges faced by the civil nuclear and aviation sectors with the purpose of identifying transferable best practices between them.

The webinar discussed threats relevant to both the nuclear and aviation industries, with a focus on insiders. The aviation sector’s approach to mitigating insider threats and training to address insider threats were outlined, as well as methods for using technology and data analysis to improve security.

Speakers were Marie-Caroline Laurent, Director of Europe Practice, LAM LHA, Dr Roger Howsley, Executive Director, World Institute for Nuclear Security, and Dan Johnson, Senior Advisor, World Institute for Nuclear Security.

Further information on the webinar can be found here: https://wins.org/event/webinar-on-insider-threat-mitigation-in-the-aviation-sector/

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