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Webinar: Introduction to the WINS Academy Foundation Module 2

WINS 13 Jun 2019

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WINS held a 2nd introductory webinar for registered WINS Academy participants who have not yet completed the Foundation Module. The Webinar was developed to guide learners on the process of studying on the WINS e-learning platform and exam registration. The Webinar was delivered by Daniel Johnson, Senior Adviser North America.

The agenda of the event is provided below

  • Welcome from Daniel Johnson, Senior Adviser at WINS
  • Getting started with the Foundation Module
  • Overview of your member profile
  • Logging into your account and accessing the Foundation Module
  • Navigating the course content
  • Introduction to the WINS Academy Foundation Module
  • Review of the quizzes
  • Completing the self-assessment
  • Review of the process for booking your certification exam
  • Q&A session

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