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Enter WINS’ International Women’s Day contest

6th March 2020
Enter WINS’ International Women’s Day contest

In honour of International Women’s Day, we want to hear your perspectives on the link between gender balance and nuclear security.

How can gender balance strengthen nuclear security? Tweet your response to @WINS_org by 31 March.

We will highlight some of our favourites in our newsletter, and one winner will be offered a prize: the choice of a WINS Academy scholarship (new enrolees only) or funded participation in a WINS event.*

While gender parity is receiving more attention, barriers still prevent women’s full participation in many areas, including nuclear security. This important field can’t afford to miss out on the contributions and talents of half the population.

WINS is committed to raising the participation of women in nuclear security at all levels. We cover this important topic in depth in our special report on Gender and Nuclear Security. This report examines the challenges and opportunities that organisations face when seeking to achieve a more diverse and inclusive nuclear security sector. In particular, it focuses on gender parity as a key contributor to an effective nuclear security workforce.

WINS is taking specific actions to address these challenges within its own programmes. Examples include providing dedicated scholarships for women to increase their professional profile by becoming certified nuclear security professionals; highlighting and inviting female subject matter experts to WINS workshops and events; increasing the participation of women in WINS workshops and events; and highlighting the full range of roles and competency profiles that reflect the diversity of the sector. You can learn more about our Gender Champions Programme here.

You can contribute by supporting initiatives that raise awareness of the importance of gender parity in nuclear security; encouraging senior leaders and managers to champion diversity in nuclear security; identifying female role models; supporting female leaders in the sector; insisting on gender diversity on panels, meetings, workshops and conferences; and promoting nuclear security as a career of choice for women.


*Terms & conditions apply. WINS holds the right to decide, cancel and/or change the winner.

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