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Webinar on the Introduction to the WINS Academy Foundation Module – Webinar 2

13 Jun 2019 Online Webinar
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Webinar on the Introduction to the WINS Academy Foundation Module – Webinar 2

Webinar Overview

WINS held a free introductory webinar for registered WINS Academy participants who have not yet completed the Foundation Module that helped learners understand how to study on the WINS e-learning platform and the process of exam registration.  The webinar took place on three different dates and times to better accommodate participants’ schedules. It was also recorded so participants can listen to the information on times and dates that fit their schedules.

About the Foundation Module

The Foundation Module provides an introduction to the nuclear industry and nuclear security for learners who do not have experience in this area and serves as a refresher course for those who do. The module describes the changing threat environment and summarises international efforts to enhance nuclear security around the world. It also explores the roles of different national stakeholders, as well as the importance of defining responsibilities and interface arrangements in order to reduce the likelihood that an incident involving nuclear or other radioactive materials will take place. In addition, the module highlights the importance of effective communication with stakeholders, including employees, and explains how current developments in international governance and assurance are relevant to nuclear security.


  • Welcome from Daniel Johnson, Senior Adviser at WINS
  • Getting started with the Foundation Module
  • Overview of your member profile
  • Logging into your account and accessing the Foundation Module
  • Navigating the course content
  • Introduction to the WINS Academy Foundation Module
  • Review of the quizzes
  • Completing the self-assessment
  • Review of the process for booking your certification exam
  • Q&A session

Alternative Webinar Times and Dates

To register for a date, click on one of the following links:

Webinar Announcement

For more information, please download the webinar announcement here.

About the WINS Academy

The WINS Academy is the first certified online programme in the world specifically designed to support the professional development of personnel with accountabilities for nuclear security. It has been designed to encourage the widest range of stakeholders in as many countries as possible to develop their knowledge and competence to manage the security of nuclear and other radioactive materials. The objective is to set out the best practices that have been identified for nuclear security management, enabling course participants to decide if and how to apply them in their local context to improve security effectiveness. After you have successfully completed the programme, we look forward to welcoming you to the WINS Academy Alumni, the world’s first community of practitioners for certified nuclear security professionals.

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