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Round Table on Motivating Staff with Accountability for Nuclear Security

11-13 Dec 2018 Vienna, Austria
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Round Table on Motivating Staff with Accountability for Nuclear Security


Engaging with employees begins when they are recruited and receive their first security induction training. It continues as they regularly receive refresher training on the basics and specialized training to meet their changing job responsibilities. One of the most important objectives of a security programme is to establish a competency-based structure throughout the organization that defines the knowledge skills and behaviours employees need to vary out their security responsibilities effectively and efficiently.

Because nuclear security is an essential function of all nuclear organisations, one of leadership’s goals should be to develop a strong, robust security culture among the entire staff. Leadership demonstrating commitment to security and managers leading by example and proactively motivating the workforce play an essential role on achieving a resilient nuclear security culture.

Until employees in the nuclear industry embrace security best practices because they truly believe it is the right thing to do, rather than complying with procedures because they are instructed to do so, best practices will be ignored by many employees, which will increase the likelihood of lapse in nuclear security. Motivation, the key determinant of behaviour, is entirely dependent upon the internalisation of beliefs and values. Therefore, the satisfactory behaviour of individuals depends upon motivation and attitudes. Both personal and group motivational systems are important in improving the effectiveness of nuclear security.

Objectives of the meeting

WINS organised a two-day round table to review and discuss draft training materials for a one-day training course on Motivating Staff with Accountability for Nuclear Security to be made available to nuclear operating organisations worldwide. The proposed training materials will be used by the Training Department and Managers in nuclear organisation who want to better engage their staff in security matters.

The main objectives of the round table were to:

  • Discuss how managers can specifically influence behaviours and attitudes towards security amongst their staff.
  • Review different methods to support Managers to effectively motivate their staff with the security programme, leading to a culture of operational excellence at all levels of an organization.
  • Share experiences and lessons learned when motivating and incentivising employees to pay more attention to security. Those experiences will be incorporated in the course materials as appropriated.
  • Review the draft materials and suggest improvement when necessary (Delegates will receive draft training material two weeks prior the round table).

The round table gave delegates the opportunity to share their perspectives and proposals for innovative initiatives in the field of training and adult learning. It enabled delegates to exchange information on their current practices for raising security awareness and culture among workforce, identify synergies and potential coordinated approaches.

The delegates at the round table were not expected to draft the training materials but to present their experience on motivating employees.

Targeted audience

The round table was opened to a group of 10 to 14 international experts with demonstrated experience in:

  • Nuclear Security
  • Management of staff at nuclear facilities
  • Training, mentoring and coaching
  • Adult learning

Delegates represented security managers from the nuclear industry and other sectors; line managers from various departments such as operation, maintenance, technical support, and radiological and environmental protection; trainers and adult learning specialist.

WINS covered all the cost related to the round table. Some funds were available to cover the expenses for travel and accommodation of selected delegates.

Round table venue

The event took place at:

ARCOTEL Kaiserwasser Wien

Wagramer Str. 8, 1220 Wien

Key information

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