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Workshop on Security of Radioactive Sources Used in Industrial Radiography and Well-Logging Applications

23 Oct 2019 Mexico City, Mexico
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Workshop on Security of Radioactive Sources Used in Industrial Radiography and Well-Logging Applications

In partnership with the VII Pan-American Conference on Non-destructive Testing (VII PANNDT) WINS will hold a 1-day joint international workshop on 23rd October, aiming at considering the best practices to reduce the threat of theft of radioactive sources used in industrial radiography and oil well servicing company operations.

For further information and registration please contact:

Ms Raquel Delgado
Tel: +43 1 710 6519 10



Numerous industries use radioactive sources for essential operations, including aerospace, automotive, casting & forging, chemical & petroleum, construction, food processing, metals & non-metals and pipelines. Thousands of these sources are in use for well-logging and industrial radiography around the world, and many are moved on an almost daily basis from one jobsite to another. Given their vast number, their portability, and the frequency with which they are transported, these sources are potentially vulnerable to being lost or stolen.

Clearly, companies whose radioactive sources are integral to their work need to put a comprehensive risk mitigation programme in place for their sources. Such a programme should include well-maintained physical protection provisions supplemented by sustainable procedures, training requirements for staff and exercises involving response arrangements with law enforcement agencies. These companies should also understand and comply with the regulatory requirements governing the security of radioactive sources in every jurisdiction in which they operate. They should be aware of best security practices in their area and commit to continuous security improvement.

Objectives of the Workshop

This workshop will discuss the best security practices already in place by industrial radiography and oil service companies, will consider the various aspects for the security of mobile radioactive sources which incorporates elements of deterrence, detection, delay and response, and will provide ideas on how a security programme can properly integrate people, procedures, and security technology. It will also consider the opportunities and challenges in tracking and monitoring radioactive sources during transport.

Key areas to be covered will include:

  • Credible threats to radioactive sources,
  • Characteristics of industrial radiography and well logging sources impacting the need for security,
  • Roles and responsibilities of industrial radiography and oil and service companies, nuclear regulators and other State agencies in ensuring effective security of radioactive sources,
  • International recommendations and examples of national requirements for the security of radioactive sources,
  • Security measures for sources at main storage places and at work fields,
  • Security of radioactive sources during transport,
  • The role of tracking and monitoring equipment and other technologies in improving the security of radioactive sources used in the industrial radiography and well logging applications

The workshop will be professionally facilitated and will be delivered by WINS with the support of regional and international subject-matter experts. The course will be conducted in English with the support of English/ Spanish interpretation and will draw only on unclassified information.

Target Audience

  • Organisations that use radioactive sources for industrial radiography and well logging purposes,
  • Radioactive source device manufacturers and service (maintenance) companies,
  • Regulatory authorities and law enforcement agencies,
  • Professional associations and international organisations,
  • Security vendors and experts, especially those involved in the tracking and monitoring of the movement of radioactive sources.

Partnership with the VII PANNDT

This one-day long workshop will be held during the VII Pan-American Conference on Non-destructive Testing (VII PANNDT) as a parallel event to the main conference programme. The VII PANNDT will take place from 21 to 24 October 2019. Other days of the conference will not cover security matters. Further information on the VII PANNDT can be found here: www.viicopaend.com 

WINS and the Mexican National Institute for Nuclear Research (ININ) will have a joint booth during the VII Panamerican NDT Conference from 21st to 24th October. Visit us at booth number 47 to know more about WINS and ININ’s work on radioactive source security and the WINS Academy certification programme.

Registration Information

Participation in the joint workshop will be limited to 45 delegates, so please let us know as soon as possible if you wish to attend this event.

To register please contact raquel.delgado@wins.org

Attendees will be expected to arrange for their participation in the VII Pan-American Conference and cover all related costs. WINS is in a position to cover travel and accommodation costs and the admission fee for the VII PANNDT for a limited number of delegates who would be specifically invited to attend the joint workshop on 23rd October 2019. Attendees will be responsible for obtaining a visa for traveling to Mexico.

WINS is promoting gender diversity in its events and female participants are highly encouraged to apply to this workshop.

Workshop Venue

Expo Reforma – CANACO Convention Centre
Av. Morelos 67, Juárez, 06600 México City, CDMX

Key Information

Download the workshop announcement here

Download the draft agenda here

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