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NSSC: The Mexican National Nuclear Research Institute (ININ) achieves ISO 29990:2010 Certification

16th April 2018
NSSC: The Mexican National Nuclear Research Institute (ININ) achieves ISO 29990:2010 Certification

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In 2016, the Government of Canada signed an agreement with the Government of Mexico in which Canada agreed to contribute to the development of a sustainable and certified nuclear security training centre to support Mexico’s commitment to the Joint Statement on Certified Training for Nuclear Security Management, circulated in the International Atomic Energy Agency context as INFCIRC/901. One of the results of the agreement was that it enabled WINS to contribute its technical expertise to the Secretariat of Energy (SENER) of Mexico and its National Nuclear Research Institute (ININ) by collaborating on a range of professional development services between September 2016 and March 2018. SENER and WINS also committed to work together to support ININ achieve external and internationally recognised certification under ISO 29990:2010.

We are pleased to announce that ININ has received ISO 29990 certification after a process that involved the provision of in-house assistance and training related to the certification, including consultancy services from an independent certification body. ININ finalised the alignment of its procedures and practices with ISO 29990 requirements early this year (2018) and underwent a certification audit in March.

According to the database of IQNet, the world’s largest network of leading certification bodies, ININ is the first organisation in Mexico to receive certification with this ISO standard. The purpose of the certification is to improve and standardise the quality of education and training in non-university settings, including corporate training, vocational schools and life-long learning programmes. This ISO certification demonstrates that ININ has a professional certification programme that is in compliance with internationally recognised standards for quality, and consolidates ININ’s reputation as the regional Nuclear Security Support Centre (NSSC) for Central America.

According to Dr. Roger Howsley, Executive Director of WINS, “By obtaining an independent assessment of its learning services, ININ has demonstrated in a highly effective way the quality and competence of its NSSC. This in turn gives confidence to stakeholders, regulators and learners alike. WINS is delighted to have contributed to the successful outcome of ININ’s ISO 29990 certification process and encourages all other NSSCs to achieve the same independent assessment of their quality managed arrangements.”

Our cooperating partners note the following:

Mexican Secretariat of Energy (SENER): “Mexico is strongly committed to the development of a certified nuclear security training centre. Thanks to the technical support and collaboration of WINS and the Government of Canada and the strong commitment of ININ, we have achieved a significant step in establishing a NSSC for Central America.”

National Nuclear Research Institute (ININ): “The Certification process has been a challenge for ININ: it was a hardworking process and involved the commitment of ININ staff to achieve the expected results. We are extremely satisfied to be the first training centre in nuclear matters in the region that is compliant with ISO 29990 high quality standards. We believe that this is the beginning of something much bigger in Nuclear Sciences and Technologies Training”

Global Affairs Canada (GAC): “Canada is pleased to be a part of this successful collaboration with WINS and the Government of Mexico, and we congratulate ININ on this exceptional milestone. As the regional NSSC for Central America, ININ now stands as an international benchmark in nuclear and radioactive material security management. Indeed, ININ’s achievement of certification underscores the high-quality programming it offers that support the implementation of international recommendations and best practices.”

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