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ICONS: Nuclear Security Takes Centre Stage on February 12

12th December 2019
ICONS: Nuclear Security Takes Centre Stage on February 12

WINS will be hosting a new theatre production in Vienna on 12 February 2020, during the week of the 3rd IAEA International Conference on Nuclear Security.

This year’s theatre event, titled “Pay Up or Melt Down”, centres on a cyber-crisis at Sweetwater Nuclear Power Plant. The production is designed to allow the audience to experience the power of theatre to challenge thinking and stimulate action. Sponsored by the government of Canada and performed by AKT Productions (London), the show will explore misconceptions about cybersecurity and the importance of effective oversight by senior management.

“The medium of theatre allows us to address difficult issues in an engaging and accessible manner,” Dr Roger Howsley, Executive Director of WINS, said. “These productions help to challenge behaviours and attitudes by demonstrating how people might respond to an incident in ‘real life’.”

Between scenes, a professional facilitator will guide a discussion with the audience about the issues raised in the play. Electronic voting will allow the audience to anonymously give their opinions about topics covered in the script and see the results immediately.

Previous theatre events by WINS have received broad acclaim and excellent reviews. After our production at the IAEA International Security Conference in 2016, Ambassador Laura Holgate noted:

WINS’ theatre-based learning is a novel technique that incorporates more challenging scenarios and creates deeper audience engagement than traditional ‘table-top’ exercises. The use of a narrator/facilitator to draw out discussion among the audience members between acts draws participants in and makes them feel part of the event, as well as helping them see multiple sides of the story. This technique also allows for the use of humour, which is a proven contributor to enhancing learning.

Ten years ago, WINS initiated this innovative, theatre-based approach to training for personnel with accountabilities for nuclear security. Scenarios are performed by professional actors to demonstrate the consequences security events could have on nuclear facilities – from the highest levels of corporate management to the people on the frontline – and civil society.

WINS is pleased to again partner with AKT Productions to develop a script that brings to life realistic nuclear security situations, putting a spotlight on these critical issues.

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