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‘Pay Up or Melt Down’ Takes the Stage

11th February 2020
‘Pay Up or Melt Down’ Takes the Stage

WINS is hosting a new theatre production in Vienna on 12 February 2020 for invited guests who are attending the IAEA’s International Conference on Nuclear Security.

The production, titled “Pay Up or Melt Down”, centres on a cyber-crisis at the fictional Sweetwater Nuclear Power Plant. It is designed to allow the audience to experience the power of theatre to challenge thinking and stimulate action. Sponsored by the Government of Canada and performed by AKT Productions (London), the show will explore misconceptions about cybersecurity and the importance of effective oversight by senior management.

“The medium of theatre allows us to address difficult issues in an engaging and accessible manner,” Dr Roger Howsley, Executive Director of WINS, said. “These productions help to challenge behaviours and attitudes by demonstrating how people might respond to an incident in ‘real life’.”

Between scenes, a professional facilitator will guide a discussion with the audience about the issues raised in the play.

Conference participants wishing to attend may request tickets from Bettina Lock. We will do our best to accommodate you, but please bear in mind that seating at the event is very limited.

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