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Nuclear Security for Scientists Technicians and Engineers



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Nuclear Security for Scientists Technicians and Engineers


Course Structure

This module helps scientists, technicians and engineers (STEs) who work with nuclear and/or other radioactive materials understand the importance of nuclear security and their responsibilities for contributing to it.

The module emphasizes that a nuclear organisation cannot be safe unless it is also secure. Should an event occur—whether the initial cause stems from a safety issue or the malicious intent to do harm—both safety and security will need to work together to resolve it.

By the end of the course, participants will understand basic threats to nuclear and other radioactive material—including insider threat and cyber threat—and the role that STEs play in helping to decrease (or increase) such threats. They will also understand some basic physical security concepts, some of the numerous areas in which safety intersects with security, and some practical steps STEs and security personnel can take to begin bridging the gap between them.

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