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Nuclear Security Governance Plus Foundation Module



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Nuclear Security Governance Plus Foundation Module


Course Structure

Nuclear Security Governance: Board and Executive Interactions

This module combines (and completely revises) two previous modules: Nuclear Security Governance and Nuclear Security for Executive Management. It focuses on the duties of a board of directors who are responsible for the governance of a nuclear organisation and on the concomitant responsibilities of the executive management team. By working together, these two important functions can create a high level of assurance that nuclear security is well-understood and well-managed within an organisation.

To better demonstrate the complex issues involved in governing and managing nuclear security, the module uses an innovative approach structured around a fictional scenario that weaves throughout the units. The scenario highlights key issues faced by members of the board and the executive management team as they deal with the consequences of a nuclear security incident. In the process, they confront a variety of issues and make several important decisions designed to improve the governance and management of nuclear security.

By the end of the module, participants will understand the role of nuclear security in supporting an organisation’s operational strategy. They will understand the potential consequences should an organisation fail to effectively manage the risks arising from nuclear security threats, how to develop a nuclear security policy and strategy, and how to implement an effective nuclear security programme. Participants will also understand what security culture is, why it plays such an important role in mitigating the threat, and how to create and maintain it effectively throughout the organisation.

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