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Nuclear Security Regulation



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Nuclear Security Regulation


Course Structure

The audience for this module consists of regulatory staff who are responsible for the licensing, regulation and oversight of security for nuclear and other radioactive materials. It is also relevant to other stakeholders who interact with regulators and have an interest in helping to ensure that the regulatory regime is both effective and efficient.

The fundamental objective of all nuclear regulatory bodies is to ensure that nuclear licensees operate their facilities at all times in a safe and secure manner. It is the responsibility of nuclear security regulators to set requirements, monitor licensee performance, and take appropriate action when licensees are not in compliance with the requirements. Regulations that involve overwhelming layers of requirements, bureaucracy and red tape not only hamper the regulated, but also the regulators, thereby increasing unproductive costs for everyone involved.

By the end of the course, participants will understand the benefits of an outcome-focused, risk-based approach to nuclear regulation and implementation, how to build trust between regulators and licensees, the steps in the regulatory cycle, and how to measure regulatory performance and competence.

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