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Radioactive Source Security Management



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Radioactive Source Security Management


Course Structure

The audience for this module consists of senior managers who are responsible for overseeing the security of high activity radioactive sources in medical, industrial, academic and research facilities. This is generally the direct responsibility of a Radiation Safety Officer (RSO) who reports directly or indirectly to a board of directors. The module may also be of interest to regulatory oversight personnel, particularly inspectors and license reviewers.

RSOs have historically inherited the responsibility of overseeing the implementation of security requirements since some security measures (e.g., material accounting, access control and physically securing equipment) were already part of their safety responsibilities. Such professionals have a good knowledge of radiation protection and safety practices and the use of radioactive sources, but they often lack formal security education and training. Consequently, an overriding goal of this module is to help these professionals broaden their orientation from one that only concerns inadvertent incidents to one that also encompasses malicious and intentional acts with significant consequences.

Real-life experience has demonstrated that most security failures stem from inadequate management practices and that such failures can have serious consequences for individuals, communities, and the environment, as well as for the organisation’s financial stability, reputation and liability.

By the end of the course, participants will understand how other radioactive materials are characterized and some of the threats that such materials face. They will also understand global, State and licensee responsibilities; the essential elements of physical and transport security; and the elements that should be included in a security policy, security programme and security plan for other radioactive materials.

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