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Transport Security Management (Spanish)



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Transport Security Management (Spanish)


Course Structure

The audience for this module consists of individuals employed by organisations with responsibilities for the safe, secure shipment of nuclear or other radioactive material. Examples include those who prepare nuclear material for transport (producers, suppliers, distributors, consignors), those who transport nuclear material (carriers), those who take delivery of a shipment (receivers, consignees), and those who provide  operational support (escort and guard force personnel).

The module addresses some of the key issues that organizations could face when planning and implementing the transport of nuclear and other radioactive material. Such transport may comprise multiple modes (roads, rail, inland waterways, sea), take place across national boundaries, and require adherence to a variety of laws and regulations. Nuclear transports may also involve numerous stakeholders, many of whom change as the transport proceeds. Consequently, ensuring effective transportation security requires careful planning, communication and coordination.

By the end of the course, participants will understand the international framework for transport security; the types of materials that may be transported; the risks these materials pose during transport that require specific security actions; how to plan, develop and implement a sound security system using a graded approach based on risk; and how to ensure that emergency response capabilities are adequate over the transport route to be followed.

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