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Rhonda Evans, Head of WINS Academy, to Co-Edit Special Issue of the International Nuclear Security Journal

3rd September 2019
Rhonda Evans, Head of WINS Academy, to Co-Edit Special Issue of the International Nuclear Security Journal

The International Journal of Nuclear Security (IJNS) has announced that it plans to publish a Special Issue on Women in Nuclear Security in June 2020, and Professor Russell Hirst and Project Manager Ashley Humphries, of the IJNS, have invited three nuclear security professionals to be the guest editors:

  • Ms Rhonda Evans, Head of WINS Academy,
  • Professor Oum Keltoum Hakam, Director, Nuclear Physics & Techniques Research Unit, University of Ibn Tofail, Morocco, and
  • Ms Danielle Dahlstrom, Independent Strategic Adviser on Gender and Communication in Nuclear Security.

The mission of the IJNS, which is associated with the Institute for Nuclear Security at The University of Tennessee in the United States, is to share and promote research and best practices in all areas of nuclear security.

The Objective of the Special Issue

The objective of the Special Issue on Women in Nuclear Security is to serve as a platform for presenting the world’s most distinguished female voices in the nuclear security community. The IJNS explains that:

The voice of women working in nuclear security–as scholars, trainers, educators, researchers, writers, diplomats, agency representatives, security personnel, and leaders of every kind–is vital to the safety and security of world. The IJNS Special Issue on Women in Nuclear Security will be a signal platform making our roles more visible.

Topics of Interest

Topics of interest for the special issue include:

  • Continuing education programs, such as professional development courses and training, for women in nuclear security professions at academic or other institutions
  • Preventing and/or mitigating insider and outsider threats
  • Reports and scholarly investigations on pedagogical or training initiatives for nuclear security, including alternative/complementary teaching methods (tabletop exercises, case studies, etc.)
  • Issues/barriers/problems (and proposed solutions) for equalising female participation and gender equality in nuclear security
  • Discussion of grant development and funding scenarios related to increasing female presence in nuclear security research and scholarly discussions


Article submissions will be accepted between 2 January 2020 and 30 March 2020. Watch the News section of WINS’ website, as well as our LinkedIn page, for updates about where and how to submit your article for publishing.



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