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The WINS Board Publishes an Assurance Statement for 2018

17th June 2019
The WINS Board Publishes an Assurance Statement for 2018

We are pleased to announce that the WINS Board of Directors have created an Assurance Statement for 2018. WINS’ Board provide strategic guidance to the organisation and are accountable for oversight and assurance.

The Chair of the WINS Board, William H. Tobey, has commented on the oversight arrangements for WINS in each of the previous Annual Reports, but this is the first year that a dedicated Board Assurance Statement has been prepared and published in accordance with Article §7 of the revised WINS Statute.

In the Assurance Statement, the Board also recognise and congratulate WINS management and staff for their skill, commitment and professionalism in advancing nuclear security worldwide.

Click here to read the Board Assurance Statement 2018

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