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UK Skills Partnership Shines Light on WINS’ Work with NSAN on Thailand Project

29th April 2021
UK Skills Partnership Shines Light on WINS’ Work with NSAN on Thailand Project

Earlier this week, the UK Skills Partnership published a case study highlighting the collaboration between the National Skills Academy for Nuclear (NSAN) and WINS to support Thailand’s nuclear regulator, the Office of Atoms for Peace (OAP).

The case study on the UK Skills Partnership website outlines the challenges/opportunities, skills solutions, as well as the outcomes/impacts the work of WINS and NSAN to support OAP’s initiatives. WINS had engaged NSAN for the purpose of creating a needs analysis and competency framework for training related to radioactive sources security for professionals at the OAP.

The cooperation with NSAN is part of WINS’ larger project of supporting the future establishment and sustainable operation of a Nuclear Security Support Centre at OAP. In hopes of strengthening the working relationship down the line, NSAN officially made WINS a collaborative partner this month and plans to discuss areas of collaboration in the future.

With regard to the existing working partnership between the two, Raquel Delgado, Programme Manager at WINS, said, “Working alongside NSAN has been indispensable in creating and implementing a training needs analysis and competency framework so that we can provide high-quality training to Thai stakeholders for radioactive security training in Thailand. I am confident that WINS’ collaborative partnership with NSAN will greatly help us achieve our overall goal of helping to facilitate Thailand’s aim of enhancing their nuclear security training.”

As part of its broader professional training activities open to individuals around the world, WINS offers the Certified Programme for Radioactive Source Security Management (CPRSSM) in English and Spanish and soon this will be available in Thai for scholarships and purchases.

NSAN is a UK-based membership organisation that works with individuals and organisations alike to further develop and strengthen skills in the nuclear industry.


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