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WINS Academy Ambassador Selection

27th April 2020
WINS Academy Ambassador Selection

WINS is proud to announce that we have selected our new WINS Academy Ambassadors.

In the coming weeks, after the selected candidates have been contacted and confirmed, we will be introducing each Ambassador and their supporting institution through a featured story on the WINS website.

We were thrilled by the overwhelming response, with 80 applications from candidates in 29 countries. From these 80 applications we selected 40 Ambassadors, 20 women and 20 men.

We made our decisions based on several factors. First, all candidates were required to have successfully completed the WINS Academy programme and passed their examinations. Each applicant also needs the support of their institution to become a WINS Academy Ambassador.

Secondly, gender balance was an important consideration because WINS is an International Gender Champion and has its own Gender Programme with the goal of increasing the participation of women in nuclear security. We also reviewed the applications to ensure that our Ambassadors are drawn from many as countries and regions as possible, and at least one candidate was chosen to represent each sector (industry, regulation, academia, law enforcement).

The final and a very important factor was each applicant’s ideas for promotion of the WINS Academy Programme. We enjoyed reading all the ideas suggested by applicants and were impressed with the enthusiasm. We look forward to collaborating with all our new ambassadors.

For those applicants who were not selected, we want to thank you for taking the time to submit your application. We will be ensuring that each person and their institution remain connected and engaged with WINS and the broader nuclear security community through enhancements to our Alumni Network and participation in WINS activities. WINS is examining the feasibility of establishing WINS Academy Chapters in some countries and regions with high numbers of Academy graduates.

We look forward to bringing you more news on our Ambassador programme in the coming weeks.

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