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WINS Conducts an Event Participant Survey

26th July 2019
WINS Conducts an Event Participant Survey

In June 2019, WINS conducted a post-event survey to gather feedback from individuals who attended a WINS event between December 2018 and June 2019. The purpose of the survey was to assess the impact of the participation in a WINS event on nuclear security implementation, assess the perceived value of attending WINS event and collect suggestions for improvement, and finally, to identify areas and topics of main interest for the nuclear security community.

In terms of the impact of WINS events on nuclear security, we are delighted do highlight that 71% of the respondents modified the way they approach security after participating in a WINS event, while 60%of the respondents made suggestions to their management on how to improve their organisation’s current security arrangements after attending a WINS event.

Some of the reported improvements include engagement with safety colleagues to assess what well-established safety approaches could be utilised for security, inclusions of security culture as part of routine physical security surveys, establishing a common terminology with cyber security specialists and initiating more frequent meetings with them.

The analysis of results shows a very high level of satisfaction with our events and more than 96% of the survey participants indicated that they would recommend WINS activities to others. The respondents also shared their suggestions for improvement such as adding exercises and hands-on activities whenever appropriate, tailoring size of the audience to the topic and depth of the expected discussions, improving time management and enforcing agenda schedule, expanding roster of speakers beyond the usual community and security disciplines.

The survey participants also suggested some topics they believe WINS should address in its upcoming events, such as interaction between safety and security, developing integrated emergency response plans, assessing the performance of cyber security arrangements, integrating cyber and physical security, and identifying emerging technologies and their impact on security.

We would like to thank all respondents for taking the time to complete the survey and provide valuable feedback!

You can download the survey report here: WINS Events Participants Survey

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