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WINS’ Executive Director Mr Lars van Dassen Becomes International Gender Champion

24th February 2021
WINS’ Executive Director Mr Lars van Dassen Becomes International Gender Champion

We are pleased to announce that Mr Lars van Dassen, Executive Director of WINS, has become a member of the International Gender Champions (IGC) network. The IGC is a network composed of male and female leaders in decision making roles who are working to advance gender equality in their respective fields.

As part of being an International Gender Champion, leaders are asked to undertake two SMART commitments every year in achieving the goal of gender equality within their organisation. Mr van Dassen’s IGC commitments include the following:

  • WINS will undertake a series of staff workshops to ensure that gender, diversity and inclusion issues are reflected in the WINS QMS Process document on Conducting Events. The all staff process will be undertaken over the course of 2021 and result in a review and update of the Process document for Events. The outcome of this process will be the subject of the external ISO audit for ongoing certification of the WINS QMS under ISO 9001:2015.
  • WINS will launch an online mentoring and resources platform for women in nuclear security that builds on the existing network of WINS Academy Ambassadors and extends their reach throughout the different regions where WINS is active. The online platform will be launched by the end of 2021.

To join the network, select leaders are also asked to sign the IGC Panel Parity Pledge, which is a commitment not to sit on a single-sex panel and to strive to reach gender equality on all panels. To learn more, read Mr van Dassen’s Champion profile on the International Gender Champions website.

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