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WINS Publishes Its 2019 Annual Report

29th March 2019
WINS Publishes Its 2019 Annual Report

We are pleased to announce that we have just published our 2019 Annual Report, which presents our accomplishments in 2018.

The report provides an overview of the targets we set–and met–in 2018, including conducting 15 international workshops and other events and launching the WINS Gender Champions Programme. Our publishing programme was especially active. For example, we pulbished:

  • Two new WINS Academy modules: Cybersecurity for the Nuclear Industry and Governance: Board and Executive Interactions
  • A new International Best Practice Guide: Assessing and Communicating Nuclear Security Threats
  • A WINS Special Report: Evolving Security Threats and Advanced Security Technologies

We also achieved some major milestones, including reaching and surpassing our 5000th Member. And as of 31 December 2018, 336 people from around the world had become Certified Nuclear Security Professionals and more than 1000 were enrolled in the programme!

Click here to access the 2019 Annual Report and learn more.

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