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WINS Publishes New HR Development Toolkit to Support Radioactive Source Security Management

11th March 2021
WINS Publishes New HR Development Toolkit to Support Radioactive Source Security Management

Funded by the Government of Norway, WINS has developed a toolkit for national human resources development to ensure the availability of competent professionals to support and build capacity in radioactive source security management to achieve sustainable outcomes.

This toolkit helps countries develop an appropriate methodology for identifying competencies required for the secure management of radioactive sources. It also assists with identifying training needs and providing structured professional development in radioactive source security to support the required competencies of different national stakeholders who regulate or use radioactive sources.

In many countries, it is both economically and socially vital to have reliable access to radioactive sources for a variety of applications including health care, mining, agriculture, water management and food production. However, there is a lack of competence in managing the security of those sources and preventing the theft and misuse of radioactive sources. This toolkit is intended to help fill that gap.

In most countries the primary responsibility is related to the safe use of radioactive sources. The responsibility for security is either not assigned at all or assigned to a person whose main task is safety (in many cases a Radiation Protection Advisor or Radiation Safety Advisor or a technician).

This is often no different within the regulatory body – the main responsibility is regulation for safety, not the security of radioactive sources.

This toolkit will assist each stakeholder organisation:

–  Recognise the importance of radioactive source security in their organisation;

-Identify the responsibilities that are important to be carried out;

-Identify any gaps;

– Develop competency frameworks to support these roles and responsibilities;

-Develop competence in key areas of radioactive sources security including through certification options offered by the WINS Academy certification in radioactive source security management.

By taking these actions, countries will be able to build capacity to sustain radioactive source security at the national level, thereby contributing to the effectiveness of radioactive source security globally.

To access the toolkit, click here.

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