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WINS Publishes Updated Cybersecurity in the Nuclear Industry Module

16th December 2020
WINS Publishes Updated Cybersecurity in the Nuclear Industry Module

The WINS Academy has published a new edition of the elective module on Cybersecurity in the Nuclear Industry.

This module introduces the importance of cybersecurity to the nuclear industry to help learners reflect on how cybersecurity could be improved in their own organisation.

“Cybercrime, like radiation, is often an invisible threat. We need to arm ourselves with the right thinking and mindset to be vigilant to all types of cyber intrusions,” said Roland Fletcher, WINS Academy Manager. “We have been fortunate to work with the best industry experts on cybersecurity. Developing the revised elective module on cybersecurity has been a great opportunity to put the latest thinking and guidance in place for leaders and managers to develop defence in depth to mitigate these threats for the nuclear industry.”

Cybersecurity is a strategic risk to be managed, and by completing this module you can assist your organisation to increase its cybersecurity resilience.

See the full course description or enrol here.

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