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WINS to Co-Sponsor the Nuclear Security Leadership and Professionalism Conference

16th November 2017
WINS to Co-Sponsor the Nuclear Security Leadership and Professionalism Conference

Event Date: 14 December 2017
Location: London, England

We are delighted to announce that WINS is co-hosting a one-day security conference in conjunction with the Nuclear Institute in London. The event will bring together senior government, regulatory and operator specialists to discuss key issues in nuclear security.

Four sessions will be held that address 1) the integration of nuclear security across the enterprise, 2) modern approaches to nuclear security regulation, 3) security culture, and 4) the need for personnel with accountabilities for nuclear security to be qualified and demonstrably competent. WINS Executive Director Roger Howsley and Head of WINS Academy Rhonda Evans will both speak at the event.

“There is no shortage of security conferences,” Dr. Howsley explained, “but I feel that this event focuses on the things that really matter, such as how to imbed nuclear security into operators’ business systems and strategy. The conference will also address the importance of ensuring that nuclear materials are managed by professionally competent people operating in a modern regulatory environment that emphasises performance outcomes. The discussions and experience are likely to reflect international best practice, and I would strongly encourage those with responsibilities for nuclear materials to attend.”

Links to the event and registration details can be found here.

Watch Dr. Roger Howsley’s webinar!

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